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If we are going to talk about farmhouse design, we can’t get too far without talking about shiplap!!! If you have read my About Me, then you know I get my love of design from my mother and grandmother….and years of watching HGTV!  And if you have been even remotely interested in anything HGTV related, then I am sure that you have heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines! Or as I like to refer to her, the “Queen of Shiplap!”  Her design ability is truly outstanding, and they both have amazing personalities!

Here is an article posted on HGTV showing some ideas about how to decorate with shiplap. Both original and added.  Raw and painted.  High and low. Whole walls and part of a wall. If you like the look of shiplap, I highly recommend you check out the article as Joanna Gaines finds the most beautiful and creative ways of using shiplap in home design.–shiplap-decorating-ideas-pictures

Notice that all of the ideas in the article above contain shiplap in raw, wood form or painted…white.  One of the design ideas that I would like to see incorporated more is shiplap painted a color other than white.  Although the white is very clean and beautiful, I think that some designs might benefit from another color.  I would love to see some gray, distressed shiplap incorporated into a design for sure!

I did some research and found another article showcasing beautiful shiplap design ideas, and a few of them do have some color!

You can see how the presence of a color can add to some of the designs.  When you add shiplap to your design, it is almost guaranteed to be the focal point of your room.  If you are wanting to make sure that a little color is accented in your room, then I think painting the shiplap a color is a great idea.  And the best part about shiplap is that you can use it in any room of your home and make it look like it was meant to be there.

Make no mistake, I love shiplap in all forms an in all rooms of the home – raw, painted white, and painted a color.  But like I have said in other posts, I like to try some things that are different.  I think painting it a color is using a beautiful material and giving it a little something different.

Another trend that is still relatively new but very interesting – many people have started using shiplap as backsplash in kitchens!  It is a unique and clever way to use a common product like shiplap in a new way.

What are your thoughts on painting shiplap a color – other than white?  Leave your comments below!


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4 thoughts on “Shiplap!

    1. So glad to hear that! Post a picture when you complete your project if you would like. And thank you – it is a work in progress!

    1. Great question! With its growing popularity, you can find shiplap most places now. Many people are still going to local lumberyards. Your big retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s carry it as well. I found Home Depot had a large variety of styles and colors to select from, but it really depends on the style you are looking for as to the best place to buy!

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