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Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of my home. It is where I spend most of my time cooking and entertaining for family and friends. As such, I want this room to be the most welcome and inviting of all. If you are like me, her are a few farmhouse kitchen ideas that I love!

Open Shelving

I think that open shelving allows us to be more open with our family and friends. We aren’t hiding things behind closed doors. I think it makes them feel more welcomed and part of the family. Now, this idea only works if you are organized enough to keep them straight! 🙂

Apart from the reasoning behind why I like open shelving in the kitchen, let’s talk design. I have mentioned in previous posts that I like mixing wood and metal. I love the idea of using metal brackets and stained wood shelves in the kitchen, similar to what you see in the picture. Also, similar to the picture, I like tiling all the way up the wall behind the shelves. Open shelving will most certainly be a focal point in the kitchen, and I think the tile up the wall adds to the overall beauty of the design. (White subway tile is a farmhouse classic if you are considering tile.) However, the shelves can easily be installed into studs over drywall and still make a huge impact.

Apron Sinks

It is almost impossible to achieve a farmhouse kitchen without a farmhouse sink! The farmhouse sink is an iconic sign of the farmhouse design style and will transform your kitchen instantly. You can chose from white (fireclay), stainless steel, even copper to match the reset of your kitchen design. They come in almost any material.  They also come with the straight front or a curved front.

When talking about sinks, we have to talk faucets as well. Again, the specific faucet design will really be determined by the rest of your kitchen design…BUT, I love this faucet so feel free to check it out!


Herb Garden

In order to achieve the farmhouse design, I think you need to have greenery. The kitchen is an easy place to incorporate greenery, especially if you like to cook with herbs! There are so many different ways to plant herbs. I love the image to the left, but sometimes wall space in a kitchen is limited…cabinets can be pretty important in a kitchen too!

Play around with different planting options. If you are limited on wall space, try adding plants on a counter (near a window or the kitchen sink). Also, you don’t have to plant herbs, especially if you don’t like their smell or cooking with them. You can check out my post on succulents for another planting option.


Ceiling Appeal

Add some interest to the ceiling…so many people forget about the ceiling. You can do this one of several ways:

  1. Wood Beams – You can always create faux wood beams if you don’t have any existing beams in your kitchen. As with most things, you can find faux wood beams online here.
  2. Pots and Pans Hanging Rack – Many beautiful farmhouse designs are using these over the kitchen island. With kitchen islands and open concept living/dining becoming more popular, this leaves less space for cabinets. This can be both beautiful design and an appealing storage option.
  3. Lighting – For more on finding the right lighting options for your kitchen check out this post or the shopping my style lighting section.
  4. Shiplap – Again, you can check out my post on shiplap here. If you love the idea of shiplap but are limited on wall space, the ceiling can be an excellent and stunning alternative.

As always, please leave an questions or comments below!


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