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Decorative Pillows

As I mentioned in my post on Arrow Wall Decor, I truly believe that it is the small things that make a house a home, giving it that lived in, comfy feeling. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a home that friends walk into and admire but are too scared to touch anything or sit anywhere!

Decorative pillows can be a touchy subject, especially in the bedroom. As much as I love the design appeal, even I can admit that they can be a bit annoying to take off the bed each night! However, I think decorative pillows are worth the little additional effort.

What is their purpose? Do they even have one?!


I usually use decorative pillows to add an additional pop of color – usually my accent color. It is a very simple way to get some color without going overboard, especially if you have a phobia of too much color.

One way I like to achieve a rustic farmhouse look in my home is by mixing different fabrics and textures.  Now, be careful not to overdo it!  But by mixing textures, you can give a home that lived in feeling, and to give it that rustic farmhouse look, I like to use a texture like burlap (or something that gives a similar feeling).


I also like decorative pillows for utility believe it or not. When I have decorative pillows on my sofa, I can’t tell you how many times friends or family have taken them off to lay their head on them when laying on the floor when playing games or I am short on space. The pillows have also been used to provide neck and back support. They have even come in handy for sleeping in bedrooms on special occasions when I have hosted lots of family at once and run short on pillows.

One of my personal favorites as an example…

Here is an example of one my favorite pillows. It has been on the Amazon Best Seller’s list for a little while (just the pillow case is included on Amazon link below), and I know quite a few people that have it. (FYI-Be careful when inserting the pillow so as not to tear the pillow on the side of the zipper.  Just take your time, and you will have no problems!) I usually try to find unique products and stay away from things that everyone has, BUT this one was too good to pass up. Although this pillow does not achieve the goal of adding color to a room, it does provide the rustic texture (a linen) and the overall feeling I want in my home. The “home sweet home” saying is just perfect, especially for a living room.

Click on the picture for more information on the product.

What do you think?  Are decorative pillows too much work?  Do they provide both aesthetics and utility?  Leave your thoughts below.


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