About Me


Hi there!  My name is Jourdan, and I love design! I blame my mother and grandmother. I suppose at some point many of us find ourselves exclaiming – “Wow! I just sounded like my mother (or father)!  When did that happen?”  For me, there was never any question that the apple didn’t fall far from either of their trees.

We have been three peas in a pod most of my life.  I have always been pretty particular if you ask them.  When I was a toddler growing up in the South, you would not find me running around in just a diaper on hot, humid afternoons.  I had to be dressed from head to toe, including shoes. And even at that early age, if I didn’t like the outfit you picked out, I was going to let you know!

As the years went by, I grew to be more and more like them.  Growing up with my mom, she would spend hours each week watching design shows on HGTV.  As I hit the dreaded teenage years, I found myself sitting in front of the TV doing homework or painting my nails watching alongside her in the evenings.  I would critique the designs as the thirty minute episodes progressed.  My grandma loves painting and interior design.  I can’t recall how many rooms I have painted and repainted…and repainted over the years with her.

The design bug had hit me!  

In high school, when most of my friends were asking for the latest technology or the hippest clothes, I was asking for dishes and paintings.  I was anxious to get my own space to decorate exactly how I wanted.  By the time, I made it to college, I was ready to decorate my college dorm!

Since those days, my passion for design has not faded.  Instead, it has grown.  I don’t do it for a living, but I don’t want to turn my love for design into work.  Instead, I would rather share my passion with others.  I enjoy helping friends and family find interesting products, come up with new furniture layouts, and make their house into a comfortable and loving home for everyone to enjoy.

I hope that you like all of the products, design, and layouts on my site.  Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions!


Founder of Farmhouse Home Design